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Holiday Advance Shopping

Are there Benefits to ordering in Advance

It's incredible how fast time goes, an old saying but a real one. Last minute shopping can be a headache as everyone knows and there seems to be a lot of people who come down with PSSD Pre Shopping Stress Disorder, ok, maybe not a serious matter, but when you consider that you don't want to get caught with egg on your face come holiday gift giving time, there's something to be said for buying in advance, or at least making a list ahead of time to refer to. This gives you time when you're out and about, surfing the net or scanning through that catalog you didn't order that came in the mail because you happened to get yourself on every mooch list there is by simply ordering once and finding out that companies you buy from rent, sell, lease and give out every customer's mailing info to third parties. That's a big part of developing a mailing list, you probabaly do it if you're invovled in some sort of mailing program or online selling.

Don't come down with PSSD (Pre Shopping Stress Disorder)

Some say if you wait until the last minute you might be able to get a better deal, well that may be so, on 'some' items. Then there's the other factor, many online merchants selling products offer Free Shipping if you order so many days before Christmas for example. We often do this on our SeaLand Deed Kits at the Holiday season to help those out who may have to fine tune their budget. With our Kits we don't just make up a bunch of kits as all of our Deed Kits are personalized so we prepare them once an order comes in, this takes a bit more time, but eveyrone loves this personalizzation, and it's probably not too much different with othe persoanlized gift items where you need a name of imprint on an item. Of course the offer has to end prior to the last Holiday shopping date as if you wait too long, the product, kit, package, etc. won't get to you.

I have always been one of those who seems to be the last one in the store at closing time on the last shopping day as I seem to wait too long in making up my mind what I want to get for someone. I do think however that the idea of making an advanced list and just reviewing it from time to time is an excellent idea, that way you don't have to worry about fighting the crowds at the stores or hoping your last minute online order get's to you or whomever you're giving it to on time.

Sure, this article is not exactly something unique or unusual and is basic common sense, but then again how many people implement common sense with regards to last minute holiday shopping.

Marekting studies can reveal a lot, millions of dollars are spent by firms trying to figure out your shopping habits. But a consensus of tons of marketing reports I have seen clearly indicate one solid factor, the element of Surprise, after all, isn't that what giving a gift is mainly about, well at Christmas time often a gift of some sort is rather expected, not in the sense that hey 'where's my toy, you bought Suzy one, where's mine', but more of a jesture. It's when that 'Jesture' turns out to be a real Shocker and Surprise that you make that grand impression on the one your giving to. I can tell you, being in Hollywood over the many years, researching personalized gifts like I had to do for SeaLand, etc. has really shown me that your customer's can actually be some of your best marketing tools there are if you can acquire enough Reviews - Testimonials, like we have here at SeaLand. I have been shown that the reason some of our customers have bought the ISLE Deed Kits are for almost never for the same duplicate reason, unlike a can opener, I'm sure a company selling those items would all have marketing reviews from people saying how they bought them to open cans, you can learn from some of our Reviews from people from around the world. If you take some time and read through the ISLE Shipmates Review section you'll see what I mean, and even if you're considering a totally different gift item, you'll learn a lot. While we don't feature all of our Reviews, there's almost 100 with both comments and photos you'll probably find interesting and even may give you an idea or two of what you can give for this Holiday Season..

...Happy Shopping to All, and to All a Good Gift!

We look forward to hearing from you....Captian 'Santa' - Bob

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