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Unique and Unusual Gift Giving and Shopping Articles and Stories

Unique Corporate Gift idea a Pacific Ocean for under $25 - The Perfect Nautical Ocean Gift!

Unusual Gift Giving Contest

sealand ocean gift shipmate
Christmas present from Howard's daughter, Elizabeth B.

"Thanks Elizabeth for your forward thinking of preserving the oceans, and of course, you too Howard!"
Captain Bob

sealand consumer review for
ISLE Shipmates Review
"Was gfven to me for my 36th Wedding Anniversary from my loving Wife!"

Fred and Karen R.
Arizona, US

Happy Anniversary Karen and Fred from ISLE

sealand ocean gift shipmate George
'Dr George'' J M,
Valued ISLE SeaLand

George is the CEO of a World Wide Energy Group! As a responsible executive of a major energy firm, George understands the dire need for Protection of our Seas.

New Jersey, US

"Glad to have you onbaord George, thanks for your support!"
Captain Bob

Heather Cody Levi sealand testimonials
ISLE Shipmates Review
"Thanks for adding us to the shipmates page This was a great get and give. Not a better gift out there for pirates of any age!!"...
Levi, Heather & Cody W.
Florida, US

"And your gift to SeaLand is even greater, thanks levi, Heather and Cody, keep spreading the awareness for our Seas."
Captain Bob

  Unique Advantages Pros of Unique Unusual Gift GivingA Callout Query Intro Contest to my Readers from
Captain Bob ISLE Founder

The Pros of Giving Promotional Products as GiftsPromotional gifts have become more and more popular in the last couple decades. In a 16 Year Survey less than half of the participating businesses had given corporate gifts. Compare that to 84% percent of the surveyed companies gave business gifts. An obvious trend in Corporate Gift Giving that has escalated to astronmomical proportions due mainly to the vast marketing avenues of the Internet.

Advantages of Giving Corporate Holiday GiftsCorporate gift giving is an ideal way to show your employees and top customers how much you value and appreciate them. While holiday gift giving is still important, consider giving corporate gifts for a variety of unique occasions. Corporate gift giving has many benefits for both the giver and the receiver. Consider the most unusual gift you can find to give you your boss or executive. Not only will it generate some different responses but it will also show your employer that you are extremely creative, At SeaLand I have learned quite a bit from our customers. If you take some time to read through our ISLE Shipmates Testimonials and you'll see what I mean. We have had husbands buy the
ISLE Deed Kits for their wives, Wives for their husbands, graduations, for their bosses, even Trust Board of Directors for Dr.s of Oceanography, and yes, even small children less than 5 years old buy them for their parents, of course with their parents assistance. Nevertheless, this shows some eye openers that unique gifts are truly hard to find, but well worth it in the end. You can even impress a client with such unique creative gift giving.

One simple method in giving gifts is choosing how to personalize corporate gifts. But some people find it rather difficult. Corporate Gifts can have different meanings and effects for most people. When searching for good corporate gifts, it has become the main stay to go directly to the internet, as the internet as all know by now, is not the novelty it once was.

A Challenge Contest
When I first founded ISLE there was no such thing as the internet and marketing could be very costly with the Traditional Magazine Ads, TV, Print, Radio, etc. Now it's a different ball game entirely. I have been leary though of just 'blasting' the SeaLand kits out there all over as I didn't want it to look like it was too pushy, ie; used car pitch etc. World of mouth for SeaLand has proven to be an excellent advertiser and I have had all too many kind customers tell ask me why I don't plaster it all over as they would have loved to have known about it earlier than they did. So, yes, even you the customer, get me thinking sometimes. People who have found SeaLand have loved it and the comments we get are really appreciated, so for that note I often wonder if I shouldn't devise a more 'Introductory' way of informing people of SeaLand without being labeled as Spamming. So, even though as founder with years a of marketing experience in the Entertainment Industry I've learned one important element, no matter how much you think you know, you can always learn something new and creative, so, I'm going to query you, the readers on the following:
What do you think would make a good idea introduce and promote SeaLand to new consumers. For the Top Five suggestions I'll give away a FREE ISLE SeaLand Acre Deed Kit. So, let me hear your ideas. If I get enough of them I'll post them on this page along with the Winners whose suggestions I thought were the best.

Email me your idea *Submit your best idea only

This ought to be interesting and I truly look forward to hearing your suggestions.

As they say in Europe...'Kind Regards'

Captain BobFounder

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Robin Hood of the Seas Preview

Romantic Ballad song of the Seas

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Acre unique and unusual holiday and christmas Gifts Certificate kit and CD
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|sealand ocean gift shipmate
"I think this is a great idea for a present, it’s imperishable.
Thank you ."

Lori JT - TN

"Your comment and support are 'imperishable as well, thanks for your Support" and Welcome Aboard."
Captain Bob

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