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Learn the Secrets of how to build your own Ship in a Bottle!


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Ever wonder how they make those model ships and put them in a bottle? Now you can learn how to build your own model ship in a bottle!

Here is a MaritimeGift all of you Seafarers will really enjoy!

Build your own Ships in Bottles, give as gifts for the holidays, or go in your own model ship building business and make money!
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The art of building a ship in a bottle dates back to the early 1800's. Sailors for centuries have crafted items during there long journeys away from home. They worked with supplies that were readily available to them and are responsible for some of the finest scrimshaw and models ever created.
The Secret

Many people think that the miniature ship model is actually built piece by piece while inside the bottle. Others think it's a complete illusion and that the bottle is cut in half and then glued back together around the miniature model. Learn the secrets!

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Order your Complete How to Guide to mastering the ancient Mariners art of ship building in a bottle!

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