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Captain Kidd - Pirate Hunter turned Pirate


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Captain Kidd another Pirate of the Caribbean with a twist
Pirates of the 1600-1700's were a fascinating group and Captain Kidd provided elements for many a Pirate Film

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Captain Kidd - a Pirate Hunter and Pirate

He raided ships all over the Caribbean seas.

captain kidd pirate hunter turned pirate of the caribbean seas from
Captain William Kidd sailed under a Letter of Marque from the Governor of New York that gave him the authority to capture any Pirate he ran into.

After seeing the profit potentials he turned Pirate himself in the end of the 17th Century

Captain William Kidd had a confusing career of sorts he was considered to either be one of the most notorious pirates in history, or one of its most unjustly vilified and prosecuted privateers in an age typified by the rationalization of empire. Despite the legends and fiction surrounding this character, his actual career was punctuated by only a handful of skirmishes followed by a desperate quest to clear his name.

One of the most popular Classic Pirate Films of all time was Captain Kidd played by Charles Laughto
n. You can watch the entire Movie Classic right here on the SeaLand you'll also see other famous actors and actresses of the 50's and 60's

.Pirate Movies Captain Kidd classic movies pirates carribbean
Pirates captain Kidd boarding ship Pirates Movies

The Pirates of the Caribbean Disney film series has spawned a great deal of interest in the romance associated with the days of Pirates roaming the 7 seas. You can also read the Book The Pirate Hunter - The True Story of Captin Kidd by Richard Zacks

captain kidd pirate hunter turned pirate with treasure chest from
Other Films and TV Shows inlcuded Robert Newton in Blackbeard the Pirate and the Buccaneers TV Series first airing on September 19th, 1956.

captain kidd painting in new york commeissioned to capture pirates from

Captain William Kidd in New York. A Painting painting by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

In September 1696, Kidd weighed anchor and set course for the Cape of Good Hope. A third of his crew soon perished on the Comoros due to an outbreak of cholera, the brand-new ship developed many leaks, and he failed to find the pirates he expected to encounter off Madagascar. Kidd then sailed to the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb at the southern entrance of the Red Sea, one of the most popular haunts of rovers on the Pirate Round. Here he again failed to find any pirates. According to Edward Barlow, a captain employed by the British East India Company, Kidd attacked a Mughal convoy here under escort by Barlow's East Indiaman, and was beaten off. If the report is true, this marked Kidd's first foray into piracy.

*Some sources inlcude: Real PIrates from National Georgraphic, Wikipedia, The Pirateology Handbook, Library of Congress and others.

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