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Aquarius Deepsea Underwater Exploration Submarine

deepsea underwater aquarius exploration submarine from
In the 1800's
the Deepsea Exploration submarine 'Challenger' was considered the first serious underwater studies of our Earth's Oceans. Now submarine type vehicles like the 'Aquarius' explore and study our Oceans deepseabeds and resources.

Owned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and managed by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW), Aquarius operates 4.5 kilometers offshore of Key Largo, Florida. The underwater laboratory is deployed next to deep coral reefs, 20 meters beneath the surface. Aquarius provides life support systems that allow scientists to live and work underwater, in reasonably comfortable living quarters, with sophisticated research capabilities.

The Aquarius SystemThe fully equipped underwater laboratory includes several components. The Aquarius “habitat” module is an 82-ton double-lock pressure vessel that measures approximately 14-meters long by 3-meters in diameter. Scientists live and work inside the habitat when they are not diving outside on the reefs. Entry is through the 20-m3 wet porch, which contains an open moon pool, dive equipment storage areas, hot water heater and shower.

undewater aquarius exploration laboratory view from divers from

What exploration underwater vehicles like the Aquarius are finding however is rahter unsettling. As earth's population continues to grow, so does the careless pollution and irresponsible dumping of sewage, not to mention the occasional oil rig and ship disaster that seem go go unaccounted for. How much more can our Earth's Oceans resources and sealife stand before there's nothing left to explore, nothing left to eat from the sea and nothing left to protect.

*Inspirational fact from Fisher Voyages book on Oceans and NOAA

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