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Glomar Challenger deepsea resource sampling vessel from   *New!
Glomar Challenger
Deepsea Mining and Research

The Glomar Challenger was a 120m long deep sea research and scientific drilling vessel for oceanography and marine geology studies. Ships crew included scientists, marine technology experts and drilling crews. Glomar was the first  research vessel capable of accessing the resources of the oceans seafloor.

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Aquarius Deepsea underwater laboratory off florida coast from photo   Underwater Deepsea Exploration

The Aquarius Underwater Laboratory: is referred to as America's "Inner Space" Station/ The Aquarius is the only undersea laboratory dedicated to marine science operating in the world. Read the Full Story>

  alfred wegener continental drift theorists from photo Alfred Webener's Theory of Continental Drift

Continental drift is the movement of the Earth's continents relative to each other.

Wegener developed the theory that in the late Paleozoic era, about 250 million years ago, all of the present day contentnts had formed a snignle large mass that subsequently broke apart.
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