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Professional Gift Shoppers who get Paid to Buy Gifts

"The Paid Shopper"

As a person trying to find a special gift for your loved one, friend, boss or other, you know how hard it can be at times, especially for that person who has everything. But just imagine how hard it is for those indifiducals who are professional gift buyers that are actually being Paid to Shop for a gift, often times with no ideas presented to them to help guide them along, other than a description of a person whom they don't know. As you can imagine, this would add a little pressure to their job function. But it even increases if they are given a specific budget allocated for one or more persons on the list. Buy the wrong color and it's a flop, buy the wrong size and it needs to be returned, etc., you see the senarios and can think of dozens more that can be a bit problematic for the Professional Gift Shopper to fulfill their clients Shopping List.

When it comes to the executive world this can even be harder, so Enter ISLE SeaLand's Acre or even beter Mile Deed Kits personalized with the recipient's name. Our SeaLand Gift Kits have been used for just that purpose on many occasions. Just a quick scan through our immense ISLE Shipmates Reviews and Testimonials reveal the many ways in how and why people from all areas and walks of life around the world have used the ISLE Kits as an attention getting conversation piece. What better accaliad can a Professional Gift Shopper receive than to hear remarks of amazement and intrigue from the client who gave an ISLE Acre or Mile Pacific Ocean kit to their head boss. While he or she may have received the typical checkered tie or scarf from other staff, your client gives them an Acre or Mile to the Pacific Ocean and the conversation about their creative gift goes on for days and weeks to come, while their tie or scarf gets thrown into the bottom drawer forgotten about in hours.

It's not just all about uniqueness, but also about a fantastic history and environmental aware gift they can talk about for years to come. This is one of the reasosn why we have diverted into really pressing the sale of our SeaLand kits for these purposes as well as our main stay of being an Ocean, Nautical and Environmental Awareness gift.It serves great purpose to offer a gift that not only intrigues but impresses as well as brings with it an inherint value in a lesson in the Law of the Seas. We are very proud to announce that one of the Directors for Woodshole Oceanographic Institute was given a Special ISLE SeaLand Sq. Mile Deed Kit for his honorarium event and it was a much talked about item. The item was agressively sought after and purchased by one of the Board of Trustees for Woodshole for the Director.

So this message goes out to all Professional Gift Buyers Shoppers, when you run across that hard to find gift and want to impress your client and help them impress the one they're giving it to, you can't do any better than an ISLE SeaLand Pacific Ocean Deed kit.

We look forward to hearing from you....Captian Bob

One of the most popular Executive Business Gifts in the World!

1 Mile Deed Kit Nautical Gifts Pacific Ocean Deed Kit $45.00
Mile Gift personalized  Certificate kit
ISLE 1 Mile Deed Kit
Name you want on Deed Kit
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ISLE Seaand Sq Mile pacific ocean deed kit from

The Mile ISLE Pacific Ocean Deed Kit comes in a different style than the Acre Kits. Currently all Mile Kits are in Section E only.

acre of pacific ocean deed kit gift item from



The ISLE SeaLand Deed Kits are the ideal custom executive gifts and if the boss just happens to love the sea, and who doesn't, you've just scored a home run!

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