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Shark Fossil Diving eBook
A colorfully illustrated guide for Shark Fossil Diving Relects. Makes a unique Gift


The Greatest Nautical Maritime Gift idea in the World

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;A part of Ocean History - A Gift of the Sea for less than $25!

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Learn how to find Giant Fossil shark teeth! This highly illustrated with color photograph eBook is a must for all Ocean and Deep Sea Enthusiast's Library or a most unique Sea Gift less than $10!

Here is a brief synopsis of what is in the book!

Explore undersea areas for shark teeth and other fossil discoveries!

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Perfect for all Scuba Divers who love to dive in the ocean areas looking for Shark relects
A Perfect Deep Sea Ocean Diving book for all those interested in Fossil Shark
relect hunting

Learn how to identify rare shark teeth of all types, some you may never even heard of.

This book guides you through example after example

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The perfect Deep Sea Diver's
Nautical Sea Gift

Great addition to your
Deep Sea Library

Great for your Maritime Library Collection
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Small Fossil Shark Teeth

A Partial list of Topics Covered includes:

Adventure Diving
Assorted Artifacts
Large Shark Teeth
Carcharodon megalodon
Great White
Extinct Great White
Carcharoles Auriculatus
Extinct Mako
Carcharodon hastalis
Isurus oxrhincus
Snaggle Toothed Shark
Small Shark Teeth
Sand Tiger
Odontaspis winkleri
Thresher Shark
Alopias supercilious
Lemon Shark
Bull shark
Bramble Shark
Echinorhinus priscus
Carcharias cuspidata
Black Tip Shark
Tiger Shark
Many examples for you to refer to are offered in this colorful illustrated eBook

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