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Best Holiday Gifts are the Personalized Ones You Never Knew Existed

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From Stocking Stuffers to Gift Baskets, SeaLand's Deed Kit presents a Big Surprise!

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Because stuffing those stockings doesn’t have to always be a super last minute thing. In a panic over the stocking stuffer chore?  De-stress and quickly and easily shop our top rated stocking stuffer ideas for men, women, and children this 2017 holiday season.  Some of these ideas are so cool you’ll probably want to pick some up

Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $50 for the Last Minute Shopper

Unique Personalized Gift Ideas are no longer hard to find with SeaLand Deed Kits! Send a most unusual and unique personalized Acre of Sq. Mile of the Pacific Ocean from an Historical Nautical Claim to Surprise your boss, co-workers, friends and family.

Holiday Surprise Gift Solution - Solved!

A lot of us go into the holiday season with no idea of what gifts to get for our family and friends. About all you have to do is to take one look at a Walmart or Best Buy flyer and the confusion will take a turn for the worse, you'll almost need an aspirin. Now ISLE SeaLand's Pacific Ocean gift ideas make shopping easy and perfect for any potential gift receiver.

Acre corporate Gift Certificate kit
The SeaLand Gift kit is not what you might call a traditional, symbolic gift suggestion but in reality, it is more of a meaningful, significant and appropriate way to celebrate, especially those environmentally minded interested our Oceans resources. Often what's Popular and Taditional in gift giving don't quite bring about that special meaning when you find the unique and unusual gift that makes it more exceptional and more memorable, and that gift is definitley ISLE SeaLand.

Finding the right gift for anyone you're close to such as your spouse (or another couple), family members, employers and others can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to follow the traditional gift suggestions. Gift Baskets and Stocking Stuffing are very popular at the Holiday Season time, but it's what you put into those baskets and stockings that make a difference.

Heather Cody Levi sealand testimonials www.sealand.tvSeaLand would like to encourage you to look at some of our loyal Shipmates and what they have to say on how the ISLE Deed Kit affected them and the ones they bought an Acre of the Pacific Ocean for.

ISLE Shipmates Levi-Heather and Cody
"...This was a great get and give. Not a better gift out there for pirates of any age!!"...
Levi-Heather and Cody
Ship mates - Acre and Mile Kits - other Promos
Unusual Gift of SeaLand Review Regina K

ISLE Shipmate Regina

"I have booked a Hawaiian cruise... I plan to make a big deal out of my deed on the Delta plane, as we head across the Pacific Ocean!"
Regina K.

Don't forget to recongize and play a part in Ocean's Day each June, it really does Help!

Worlds most unique personalized ocean gift

The Pacific Ocean ISLE Deed Kits lets you be a part of the World's Most Historical and Environmental Exciting Educational Story of One Man's Relentless Affect on the Famed Third World Law of the Seas Conferences!

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